2023 All-Inclusive Maintenance Packages

Important Info.


What is the Fully-Submerged All-Inclusive?

The Fully-Submerged all-inclusive is just what it sounds like; A full season (16 Weeks) of weekly pool care starting the week before Memorial Day (week of 5/22) and ending the week of Labor Day week of 9/4).  The service includes swimming pool opening and closing, 16 weeks of weekly cleanings, 16 weeks of chemicals (we provide all chemicals), 2 free service calls (1hr of labor only on each call), heater inspection and filter cleaning (DE, Sand or Cartridge).  In addition, enjoy 10% off Labor, Accessories, Equipment or any other services we offer.

What Is The Weekly Cleaning and Balancing Package?

The weekly cleaning and balancing package is similar to the Fully-Submerged package with the exception that Blue Crew Pools doesn’t open or close the swimming pool.  If you have a pool company that you use to open and close your pool, however, they may not offer weekly services, and you like them, stick with them, you can sign up for our weekly cleaning and balancing package.  In order for everyone to enjoy our services, we allow homeowners the option of getting their pool opened by the company of their choice and then we come in and clean the pool if needed, balance the pool as we do in the Fully-Submerged package.

Included in the Weekly Cleaning and Balancing Package is weekly cleaning and chemicals are included as they are in the Full-Submerged package.  In addition to weekly cleaning and the chemicals, you’ll also receive 1 free service call (1hr labor only) and you’ll enjoy a 5% discount on any products, accessories, equipment or labor when you call Blue Crew Pools or visit our store.

What is the Package Cost

We have decided not to raise prices for the 2023 All-Inclusive packages.  

2023 Fully-Submerged All-Inclusive: Starting at $2,980 + tax

2023 Weekly Cleaning and Balance: Starting at $2,448.00 + tax

For either of the two packages, we require payment in full prior to your scheduled opening or the first date of service if you signed up for the “Weekly Cleaning and Balancing”.  For homeowners who pay in full prior to and including 3/31/2023, they will receive an additional 5% off the package price (Only available on the Fully-Submerged Package).

Pool Openings

To get the most out of the All-Inclusive, swimming pools need to be opened no later than May 13, 2023.  This allows Blue Crew Pools time  to open, clean (if needed), balance the pool, get all the equipment inspected and repair any issues that may have arose out of the winter. 

The first week of the 16 week service will begin on the week of the week of May 22, 2023.  The Last cleaning of the 16 week service will be the week of  August 28th.  Once the 16 week service has ended, you can choose to keep the pool open until you would like us to close it but we will not be offering weekly cleanings and chemicals after the last service, however, this may change and we will revisit as the season moves on.

What Chemicals "Are" Included?

It’s true, as part of the all-inclusive packages, your chemicals are included.  There is a cost for the initial balance, about $150;  This is because a larger quantity of chemicals used to bring the pool up to a balanced level after the winter and depending on how green the pool is, the cost could be higher.  Once the pool is clean and balanced, all balancing chemicals (Chlorine (sanitizer), Hardness increaser, Alkalinity plus or minus, Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer), Muriatic acid (In specific amounts to control PH, mostly on salt pools, and Metal Sequestering agents for gunite or concrete pools will be added.  

What Chemicals "Not" Included?

  • Specific chemicals that are not included included in the all inclusive include the following:
  • Flocculants

Flocculants “Flocs” as they’re called are a special use chemical. We use this chemical when something is in the water column of the pool and wont settle. for example, a heavy rain washed your nice flower beds into the pool (I’ve seen it). the silt never settles. We use a Flock to add weight to the small particles of soil or whatever else is in the pool. These chemicals, because of their special use are not included.

  • Phosphate Removers

Phosphate Removers are only used when the sanitizer (chlorine) is not able to hold back the algae growth. Phosphates can enter the pool various ways. The three sources of phosphates we tens to see the most is water from the snow and ice melting off the cover and into the pool in spring followed by rain in the late summer (July and August) and well water used to top off the pool.

The phosphates are food for algae and if the phosphate levels are too high, it places a huge demand on the other chemicals in the pool especially your sanitizer; Chlorine.

Once a phosphate remover is used, usually the pool can’t be used for 2-4 days because you need to let all the phosphates die off and settle to the bottom of the pool where we then vacuum them to waste.

  • Clarifiers

Clarifiers are a group of chemicals that are very similar to a Flocculant with the difference being that normally the particles are much smaller than the particles that a flocculant would be handling and instead of vacuuming to waste, the filter filters the clarifier out of the water over time by backwashing and cleaning the filters.

  • Metal Sequestering Agents (Metal Out)

What Are the Homeowners' Responsibilities?

  • In order for a pool to be on the either  plan, the pool needs to meet specific guidelines.  The guidelines established help both the homeowners and Blue Crew.  We require the following:
  • No visible leaks

Before a pool can be on the program, Blue Crew needs to inspect the pool either during the opening or if the pool wasn’t opened by Blue Crew Pools, prior to beginning the first service. We are primarily looking for leaks. When a pool leaks, the water and the chemicals are being drained out of the pool making it impossible to keep a pool balanced and it wasting money.  When we open the pool, we will do a full inspection to make sure the filtration loop is not leaking.  It’s impossible for us to know about leaks we cannot see, however, by running water tests will will discover the leak as the chemicals will be lost and you’ll need to add water to the pool.  If a leak is discovered, we will let the homeowner know exactly what the cost to fix the issue will be and the 10% discount can be used on the repair.  If the homeowner does decide not to fix the leak, the pool will no longer be on the all-inclusive or the weekly cleaning and balancing.  In the event of a homeowner not fixing the leak, the refund will follow our cancellation policy on the last section of this page.

  • Undersized Equipment

If its discovered that the filter is not sized correctly for the pool, the filter will need to be replaced. A undersized filter may work good for a while but it will quickly start turning the water green. There are just too many variables to consider when dealing with an undersized piece of equipment. One of the biggest issues I see is Homeowners who have purchased a home with an inground pool from a bank on a short sale or a foreclosure. The bank will make sure the pump is brand new but they always use an above ground pool pump because of cost. That would be one example of undersized equipment.

  • Water Softeners

Water in a pool needs to have a specific level of calcium in the water. A water softener’s job by design is to make water soft by adding salt. The issue is when the pool is filled from the house, most people don’t have a bypass for the water softener. using soft water means that one day we add 40lbs of hardness increaser and the next week we need to add 20lbs more, that’s how we know there is a water softener being used. If possible, always have a bypass put on the line used for filling the pool

  • Skimmer and Pump Baskets

Blue Crew’s job, while at your pool, is to empty the skimmer basket/s and pump basket/s.  Once we leave your pool, the emptying of the skimmer and pump baskets is the homeowner’s job.  If we arrive to find a skimmer basket so packed with debris that it broke, we will be charging an additional fee for cleaning it.  Packed skimmers cause the pool to not flow as well and makes the pump work harder than needed.  We cannot be at your pool everyday so the days we are not there, it is your responsibility to empty the skimmer baskets.

  • Maintain the proper water level in the pool

Water evaporates and if no one is around the pool, the water could evaporate to a point that the skimmers wont work.  This causes problems because we can’t clean the pool if the water is too low and the pump runs with a lot of air in the lines and makes the motor of the pump get hot


How Do The Weekly Schedules Work?

Blue Crew schedules the all-inclusives beginning on Fridays.  Once the Friday slots are filled, we will move to filling Thursdays.  Last season we filled Friday, Thursday and Wednesday.  We will fill as many days as we can but again, the policy on the scheduling is first-come-first-served.  Right now we only expect to have one full time person cleaning all the pools but if we get another one, we will have additional time slots for Fridays and Thursdays.

Changes in Service Day

There may be times throughout the season when we may need to change your scheduled day for one reason or another.  We will communicate this to you as early as possible and will either move you out one day or will do your pool the day before your scheduled day.

For those who have rentals, we will try to schedule your day for when you don’t have any guests.

What Are The Changes In The All-Inclusive for 2023?

  • Chlorine

Over the past 2 seasons it has been hard to purchase chlorine tablets because of the fire that destroyed the plant in Louisiana.  Now that the plant is rebuilt, and chlorine table production is well underway, chlorine tablets will not be in scarce supply.  As such, this season we are requiring that anyone that doesn’t have a salt system or a automatic chlorine feeder, have one installed.  The chlorine feeder is a GREAT tool.  The floaters that go in the pool help but don’t all enough chlorine to enter the pool and what does enter gets used up faster than if would in a feeder.   Another benefit to the feeder is that it gets 5 tablets a week and by the next service day, a week later,  the tablets in the feeder will need to be replaced.  The dial on the front of the unit, once we get it adjusted, will keep the chlorine at a near constant rate.  Variable speed pumps will have a lower setting than will a single speed pump that’s on a timer and goes off for 14hrs.  Using the chlorine feeder as a replacement for the chloro-pump we have been using the last 2 seasons will all us to use chlorine more efficiently than the chloro-pump could ever be.

  • Cost for chlorinator and install

The cost of the chlorinator, check valve and install: $0.00

Because we are requiring homeowners to have a chlorinator, Blue Crew will be providing the chlorinator and the install for free along with a check valve (Only required if you have a heater)

Note:  if you have a salt system or have an “In-Line” Chlorinator already, you will not need to get a new one.

What If I Have more Than One Pool Or Spa?

This season, spas that use their own filtration, chemicals, feeders, heathers etc. will see a separate fee of $200.  The fee takes care of the additional chemicals needed, the additional work with the filters, the chlorinators, the heaters etc. Moreover, unlike a spill over type spa like the one pictured below, that is all part of the same system, individual spas require a separate closing as well.

Do I Need A Credit Card On File?

For 2023, Blue Crew Pools will be requiring a card on file.  The card info will be kept in a secure location within our Square payment system and in the event that a homeowner wishes to cancel, the card info will be destroyed.  The card will not be run unless:

  • The homeowner tells us to process a credit card payment 


  • The customer is late on their invoice (7 Days)

Blue Crew’s policy on payment:  Payment is normally due when services are rendered.  If the homeowner is not home, I will send an invoice out with a 7 day grace period. Last year there were several homeowners that took what I consider to be an extremely long time to pay their invoice.  Having the new store and having to watch inventory and other expenses, paying on time will only help make our business run more efficiently as we don’t have to chase payments.  

Can We Cancel If We Don't Like The Service?

You are not locked into any maintenance plan that Blue Crew Pools Inc. offers.  You have the right to cancel your all-Inclusive or weekly cleaning and balancing package at anytime without cancellation fees.  The following bulleted points will describe our cancellation policy.

  • Cancellations must be in writing and emailed to Customerservice@bluecrewpools.com. or mailed to:

Blue Crew Pools Inc.
700 Columbia Turnpike
East Greenbush, NY 12061

  • Because the All-Inclusive package is discounted so much vs the regular prices, in order to receive the whole discount, you need to be on the plan for the entire 16 weeks.  If the All-Inclusive plan is cancelled before the 16 weekly services are complete, the services you have had up to cancellation date will be billed at regular prices and the refund will be prorated based on the services you have had.  It is possible you could owe owe a balance.
  • In the case where you are do to receive a refund, refunds will be mailed as a certified bank check or refunded back to a credit card if that was the original form of payment.

If you’re interested in signing up for one of the all-Inclusive plans for 2023, you can click on the “Sign Up today” button below.  Once you submit the form, I will send you a service agreement through DocuSign that spells out the packages and all the fine details.  Once I get the DocuSign back, I will send out an invoice.  To get the 5% discount, payment in full is needed on or by 3/31/2023  

Also, you can email customerservice@bluecrewpools.com and send your info in that way as well.

For our customers who were on our program last season, we have all your contact info, you can either shoot me a text or email me and I’ll send you the DocuSign.



Mark & Amy

Blue Crew Pools Inc.

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