About Us

At Blue Crew Pools Inc., we believe that customer service, fairness, integrity and reliability are the building blocks needed to build the perfect relationship.

Started in 2020 and with well over 20yrs experience, we saw a demand for a service based business that specializes in services that aren’t being offered enough by other companies.  For example, Blue crew Pools Inc. specialize in cleaning, maintenance and other less complicated pool jobs.  This approach allows us to reach more households providing a better customer experience.

Through our research, we have discovered that the majority of companies out there want the big paying expensive money making jobs and work to get those only.  That is great and a lot of them do great work, however, by focusing on the larger projects only, the market has been left with a high demand in a segment of the market that is not being met; pool cleanings and maintenance

As a result of the void in the market, Blue Crew Pools Inc. decided to work on offerings that help the Home Owners use their pool more, worry about servicing it less, cut out the runs to the pool store, the complicated chemical tests and measurements to balance the pool etc…  some of the ways we help Home Owners is by providing:

  • Weekly Cleanings
  • Weekly Water Balancing
  • Historical Water history data to assist with warranty claims etc…

  These practices have helped relieve the stress on Home Owners and has made even more Home Owners stop stressing, being frustrated and hating a pool to enjoying their pools.

If any of these sound like services you could use, call us today to see how we can help.  We will work to come up with something to help you, we guarantee it.



Our Mission

Our Mission is simple:  Blue Crew Pools is committed to providing   the best customer service, best and most knowledgeable staff in the area while providing our customers the best and most cost effective solution to take care of your swimming pool.  We partner with the best in the industry such as Hayward, Pentair, Latham Pool Products and Regal Chemicals to bring quality and savings to you.

Have you ever made a service call and the technician shows up with a messy vehicle that has trash falling out of it? Have you ever had an experience where a technician has a bad attitude or is rude? Have you ever had a technician that acts like he wants to be somewhere else? We know we have! Blue Crew Pools is not like that.  We value each and every customer we have and we strive to provide 100% satisfaction.  If you ever have any issues with any of our staff, we encourage you contact us so we can resolve the issue.

We want our customers to have a pool experience that they can enjoy without having to deal with all the stress of maintaining it. We promise to treat all of our customers with honor and integrity while providing an excellent product and service.  We provide several items that keep our customers in the loop on the status of your pool

  • Onsite water testing (no more runs to the “Pool Store”)
  • Historical records of cleanings, chemicals and results after every visit.
  • Emails after each service indicating the pool’s test results, added chemicals, and confirmation of next appointment (if on a scheduled service)
  • Friendly and experienced advisors to answer your questions around the clock.

Blue Crew Pools takes pride in providing high quality service with a timely response to customer’s service needs. We feature:

  • Factory trained pool service technicians
  • Openings, closings, valet pool cleaning, repairs
  • Expert leak detection for all brands of pools using the latest technology in ultra sound equipment