Inground Pool Liners

Are you in need of a new liner for your in-ground pool?  Let Blue Crew Pools install your next liner.

Using only the highest quality vinyl, Blue Crew Pools work with the Vinyl Works to only purchase high quality in-ground pool liners.  Our liner jobs include the following:

  • Drain Pool
  • Neatly remove old liner
  • Install 1/4″ wall foam if necessary
  • Trowel the bottom of the pool if necessary
  • Install new liner
  • Cut in skimmer and returns  

Types of Bottoms

There are various materials used for the bottom of the pool that the liner sits on.  The 3 most common are Sand, Vermiculite and Concrete.  Each type of bottom has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Sand:  Most older pools have a sand bottom.  Sand is troweled flat and the liner is set on that.  The advantage to sand is its inexpensive.  the disadvantage is that it’s easier for water to wash the sand away leaving dips and dents in the pool bottom.  Also, with sand, leaving heel prints is almost a given.  You may not see these blemishes during the day, turn a light on and you will see them all.

Vermiculite:  Also used on mostly older pools, vermiculite is a Portland cement and vermiculite mixture.  Using a little water to mix the vermiculite up, the technician trowels the vermiculite over the bottom of the pool.  A vermiculite bottom has a softer sponge-like feel that is more comfortable on your feet, vermiculite doesn’t dent with your heel as easy as sand does and it acts, to a small degree, as an insulator helping to keep pool water from cooling down so fast due to the ground temperature. 

Concrete:  Concrete bottoms are the choice for bottoms in newer pools.  Concrete is harder on the feet and not as comfortable as sand or vermiculite.  Concrete is ideal for maintaining the lines and curves in the pools bottom design.  Concrete keeps the slopes and walls from being able to wash out as easy, helps keep ground water at bay.  Concrete is also the most expensive option coming in around $6k for a standard sized inground pool.

Blue Crew's Liners

Blue Crew Pools works with 2 Liner manufacturers; The Vinyl Works in Latham, NY and Latham Liners, also in Latham, NY.

Both liner manufacturers produce top-of-the-line vinyl liners for inground pools.