2021 In-ground Maintenance Packages

Welcome to our packages page.  Please take a look at what we have to offer for 2021.  The packages are designed to make your owning and using your pool less stressful and more enjoyable.  These packages are truly all-inclusive.  If you like working on your pool… These are not for you.

If however, there is something you don’t see or want something customized, please call us (518) 285-0460 or email CustomerService@bluecrewpools.com

The following packages have been designed to keep your pool looking and feeling its best.

Fully Submerged

The Fully Submerged package is the perfect all inclusive pool cleaning and maintenance package. This package has been designed to take into account all of the most important items your pool needs. Be prepared to WOW your friends and family this season while entertaining in a safe, clean and sanitized swimming pool while leaving the stress of maintaining your pool to Blue Crew Pools.

The Fully submerged package includes:

18 weeks of cleanings and water balancing to keep your pool looking spectacular. The package also comes with all standard chemicals included.  Have a Saltwater pool?  Perfect!!!,  the chemicals are a little different but still included.  In addition to the 18 weeks of cleaning and water balancing, you will receive a spring opening and fall closing with your choice of dates for each, heater inspection and cleaning, filter cleaning and more. Each service, purchased individually would  cost you $4,150.00.  Blue Crew Pool is offering it for the 2021 season for $3,350.00.

*Deposit required by March 31st for openings beginning  April 1, 2021 (weather depending)
Partially Submerged
This package is designed for the pool that doesn’t get a lot of use and doesn’t get all that dirty. With this package, you will receive the same services as the Full-Submerged package with the following differences:
  • 9 Weeks of pool cleanings (nettings, vacuuming, empty skimmer and pump baskets etc…),
  • 9 Weeks of water balances (all Standard Chemicals included)
  • 1 service call
The Bi-Weekly package is geared towards the home owners who don’t need vacuuming every week and has low-mid use and little to no debris on the pool floor or collecting on the surface.
Pool cleanings include the following:
  • Vacuum Interior of pool
  • Empty pump and skimmer baskets
  • Clean tile/water line around pool
  • Clean ladders, handrails, steps and stairs
  • wipe down coping
  • sweep or blow off deck
  • Net debris off water surface
  • Scoop leaves if applicable
  • Detailed report stating what was completed and any issues noticed and next steps if any needed
  • Emailed report for home owner to keep for their records
Order now and make 3 easy payments.  Call  or email us for details. 

Fully Submerged
**$3,350.00 Per Season
(1) Spring Opening
(1) Fall Closing
First choice for opening and closing dates
1 Heater inspection and cleaning
1 Filter cleaning
(16) weekly chemical balances (includes all Chemicals)
(16) Weekly Vacuuming of interior of swimming pool
(18) Weeks Netting leaves and other debris from Water Surface
(16) Clean tile line/waterline
(16) Inspect filter and all parts
(1) Free Service Call included
10% off labor rate
10% off any purchases or services
**See additional details below

**Note: Fully-Submerged and Partially-Submerged require a seasonal service agreement and card on file. in addition, full payment of the seasonal package before 3/31/2022 will receive 10% off the full price of the package . Offer expires on 3/31/2022 at 12am

Pool Cleaning and Balancing

Weekly Pool Cleanings
$1760.00 per season (110/wk.)
16 Weeks of the following:
Vacuuming interior of pool
Skimming debris from the water’s surface
Scrubbing surfaces including the walls, stairs and steps
Emptying the skimmer and pump baskets
Ensuring the filters are running efficiently
Emailed and hand written work orders
Running history of the pool’s balancing
10% Off future products and services
Weekly Water Balancing
$1200 per season ($75 /wk.)
18 Weeks of the following
Onsite water testing
All Chemicals Included
Inspect all equipment for any issues
Backwash filter
Emailed reports of history
10% Off Future products and services
Weekly Cleaning and Water Balance
$2503.00 Per season ($125/wk)
Both the Weekly Pool cleaning
and the Weekly water Balance packages with additional savings of 375.00

Opening and initial cleanings

Initial Spring Cleaning
Deep cleaning of pool after opening.
-Clean filter
-Clean Pump
-Lubricate O-rings and other gaskets and seals
-Heater inspection/operation
Opening and Initial Cleaning
includes the following
1- Opening
1- Deep cleaning of pool after opening.
1-Clean filter
1-Clean Pump
1-Lubricate O-rings and
other gaskets and seals